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S.No.662 / 1 + 2 & 665 / A, Kapil Upvan, Flat No.B - 1003, Chaitraban, Lake Town Road, Bibwewadi, Pune - 411037
Manufacturer, Supplier Of PCB Spacers / Round Spacers, Round Bushes For PCB, Nylon Washers For Screw, Through Hole Spacers, Through Hole Spacers Heavy Duty, Brass Spacers, MS Spacers, Round Spacers Molded With Inserts, Hex Spacers Molded With Inserts, Hex Spacers Molded With Inserts ( Heavy Duty), Hex Spacers With Tapping, Snap-Fit Spacers, 3 Pin Regulator IC Base, LED Holder For PCB Mounting, LED Holder For Panel Mounting, Round LED Holder / LED Spacers For Vertical Mounting, Base Legs For Instruments / Cabinets, Insulating Bushes For Transformers, Transistor Bush, Transistor Pad, Knob For Philips Pot, Nylon Rivet For Pvc Channels, Resistor BID, Door knobs For Control Panel, Bus Bar Supports / Insulators, Panel Mounting Clamps, Customised Parts.
Our Products
  • Busbar Supports
  • Bushes
  • Components For Pcb Mounting
  • Door Knobs
  • Electronic Components
  • Hex Spacers
  • Hex Spacers Moulded With Inserts
  • Insulators
  • Knobes
  • MS Spacers
  • Nylon Spacers
  • Nylon Washers
  • Panel Mounting Clamps
  • Pcb Mounting Hardware
  • Pcb Spacers
  • Plastic Spacers
  • Spacers
  • Spacers Electrical Assessories
  • Trimpots
  • Washers
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